The $20,000 Ketubah

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This Ketubah story almost sounds like it’s from a TV show: Jewish girl, 10, suing her mother’s former boyfriend to return her dog and her mother’s ketubah. To quote:

A 10-year-old girl is upset that her mother’s former boyfriend kept her dog and won’t return it. A lawsuit was filed on behalf of the child of Detroit, Michigan, in an attempt to get her Poodle back from her mother’s former boyfriend…

“The plaintiff gave the dog to the defendant to take care of it. She took another dog with her the day she left,” Rechter wrote in court documents. Besides the dog, Lenhoff said that Rechter kept thousands of dollars worth of items including rings, golf equipment, boots and her ketubah, which is a Jewish wedding license from her first marriage that she said is worth $20,000.

A $20,000 Ketubah? Is that USD, not Zimbabwean dollars? We’ve known about commissioned Ketubot that cost a few thousand dollars to create. But we’ve never heard of anything more than about $3,000 for the most top of the line Ketubah imaginable.

Maybe we should start selling $20,000 Ketubot ;)

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