Papercut Ketubot

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Papercut Ketubot are a wonderful tradition, combining both the Ashkenazi and the Sephardi worlds. The art of the Papercut Ketubah is beautiful and classic — and really stands out.

The papercuts usually combine the traditional Ashkenaz tradition, with the flair and style of the Sephardim.

We strongly recommend a papercut Ketubah to any couple who wants to combine both halves of the Jewish tradition.

The King of the Papercut Ketubot is Danny Azoulay, of course. But there’s a new team that has just launched a creative and wonderful (and kosher!) line of paper ketubot: the Papercut Collection from This is not a Ketubah. If you want to bring together both sides, they are worth a try. We’ve only had excellent experiences with them.

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