My New Role Model: Malka Schaps

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This isn’t directly about a Ketubah, but speaks to the Orthodox and Haredi world powerfully. The words of this article about Malka Schaps speak for themselves:

Malka Schaps has gone where few Haredi women have gone before. She’s a Harvard-educated professor of mathematics, a globetrotter who lectures at academic conferences around the world, a bestselling novelist who has also delved into non-fiction, and an ultra-Orthodox mother who actively encouraged her sons to serve in the Israeli army.

Last week, she pushed the envelope one notch further when she became the first ultra-Orthodox woman in Israel (and probably anywhere else in the world) to be appointed dean at a major university. As of the coming academic year, Schaps, who has until now headed Bar-Ilan University’s financial mathematics program, will serve as the dean of its faculty of exact sciences.

More here. Schaps has this fantastic combination of intelligence, drive and dedication to our traditions to make her a wonderful model for all Jewish men and women.

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