Invention of the Day: The Kosher Switch

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Here at Orthodox Ketubot, we love neat inventions that help us satisfy our obligations as Jews, while also helping us live in the modern world.

Today, we discovered one such device: the Kosher Switch.

What is it?

It’s a bit hard to understand from the webpage (Note to the Kosher Switch guys if you happen to stumble upon this: please explain what you do in a much clearer way!) but after being intrigued by it and digging through their pages, it seems to do something like this:

A special type of light switch so that: if you press it while it’s Shabbat, nothing happens. But then, the circuit has a random coin toss, and that may or may not result in the light being turned on. This satisfies the halacha because, the action of you moving the switch does not result in the light being turned on, neither directly nor indirectly. Instead, adding in the random factor, adds the uncertainty of outcome — thus making it comply with the Halacha.

We love it! We’d recommend everyone try it out! We will!

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