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  • The Triskelion Tree Ketubah $290.00

    The Triskelion Tree Ketubah contains a beautiful design with a warmer, gold color palette. This Ketubah contains overlapping Triskelions — the perfect design to blend tradition and an artistic Celtic style. This Ketubah is perfect for the couple that wants something high-quality and traditional!

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    See This Ketubah
  • The Monteal Skyline Ketubah $290.00

    The Montreal Skyline Ketubah features this gorgeous city skyline with color and style. This Ketubah is perfect for the couple that calls Montreal their home. This design is a beautiful blend of high-quality style and tradition.

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    See This Ketubah
  • The Swedish Ketubah $290.00

    The Swedish Ketubah contains lots of color, floral design, and an overall unique look. This Ketubah is inspired by classic Swedish folk art. This Ketubah is perfect for the couple that wants something traditional and high-quality.

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    See This Ketubah
  • Our Paths Ketubah $290.00

    The Our Paths Ketubah contains beautiful colors and a simple abstract style. This design captures the beauty of marriage and commitment. This Ketubah is perfect for the couple that wants something traditional and high-quality.

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    See This Ketubah
  • Today Is Your Day Ketubah $290.00

    You ordered the cake,
    All your friends will come to town
    The plans are almost all finished,
    You even have your perfect wedding gown!

    So what could be missing? You think with your thinker
    A Ketubah of course! And we have just the winner!

    This Ketubah is bright and full of flying bafooms,
    It even has wild trees, reaching high to the moon

    But what you'll love most,
    And what's better than best
    Is that couple in love
    That stick out above the rest!

    So today is your day
    Don't let your happiness hide
    You have found the love of your life
    And this Ketubah will show that with pride!

    When it comes to an Interfaith Ketubah, you want to have the perfect design that beautifully blends not just your beliefs and interests, but your unique love and bond as well. This design will reflect your unique style, the dynamics and beauty of both of your beliefs, and the depth of your love!

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    See This Ketubah
  • Silhouette Papercut Ketubah $510.00

    This elegant ketubah by Danny Azoulay, with its intricate, is reminiscent of antique lace The subdued play of a palette of white, off white, and cream motifs dance and intertwine creating a subtle composition. The genuine gold leaf quietly enhances the ornamentation, while the art work with layer paper cut construction gives us a sense of three-dimensional depth. This piece will be treasured by the couple and generations to come. A limited edition: numbered and signed by the artist.

    Also comes with blue or moss green background.

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    See This Ketubah
  • The Paper Cranes II Ketubah $290.00

    The Paper Cranes II Ketubah is the perfect mix of eastern art with the modern Jewish sensibility. The paper art is one of the most elegant traditions of east Asia, while the bird is a symbol of life and love and rebirth, since Noah unleashed his dove upon the world — and this Ketubah unites the two together.

    This Ketubah is perfect for the couple that is not only modern but balances that with being elegant and classic, the balance a love of the west with a love of the east. It is for the couple that lives on that fine line, mixing the traditional and the exotic.

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    See This Ketubah
  • The Blurred Sunset Ketubah $290.00

    The languid, golden haze of a romantic sunset and wide open horizons: this is a ketubah for dreamers. Its simple, straight lines teasingly hint at continuing off the page, if only your gaze would follow…on and on unto infinity.

    The Blurred Sunset is perfect for the incorrigible wanderers that found each other, the couple that can't be bothered to walk the narrow paths of social norms. Set sail on your greatest journey together: life itself. Compass optional.

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    See This Ketubah
  • The Bridge Ketubah $290.00

    The Brooklyn bridge spans across the river, its silhouette framed by the glow of a glorious full moon. Moonlight glints off the surface of the water and in the background, a familiar skyline emerges.

    The Bridge is perfect for the couple united across barriers, who came together despite great differences. Life isn't easy, but whatever it throws at you–you'll cross that bridge when you come it, together.

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    See This Ketubah
  • Double Ring Ketubah $260.00

    The “Double Ring” design is an ageless and universally cherished symbol of two lives joined into one in love and marriage. Illuminated in the completely unique signature style of 20th Century Illuminations this contemporary rendering of the double ring design shines in its timeless accounting of the nature of a union bound in love. Celebrating 2500 years of ketubah illumination Amy Fagin's contemporary line of fine art ketubot delight couples around the world with finely crafted illuminations that speak to the heart and soul of love and marriage. This ketubah was released in 2009 with a run of 750.

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    See This Ketubah
  • Kochi! Ketubah $250.00

    Limited Edition

    The exotic spice coast of Cochin India is the inspiration for the second of our Heritage Ketubah illuminations.

    For at least 2000 years evidence of a Jewish presence in southwest costal India has been documented. by the 15th century, Cochin had grown a vibrant Jewish community which flourished in the spice and agricultural trades of the era.

    Under the richly colored chuppah blowing in the scented breezes of the Indian spice coast, these delicately lettered ketubah vows offer beckoning promise to a marriage union blessed with love kindness and devotion.

    Witnessed, symbolically, by family, friends and longstanding heritage of the Jewish communities around the world, “Kochi!” radiates a joyous blessing for todays couples from the ages of Jewish heritage in the sub Indian continent.

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    See This Ketubah
  • Sefer: Dawn Ketubah $430.00

    Limited Edition Giclee Ketubah

    This contemplative Ketubah design reflects the dawning of each day. With tender openness we awaken to the blessing of the marriage covenant, and the gentle loving-kindness which is embraced by the dawn hours. In keeping with the rich tradition of Torah ornamentation the illumination is wrapped in a delicate mauve Jacquard fabric. Sterling silver “Heart of Tears” closures clasp the booklet. Fine Japanese cords decorated with pearl, silver and amethyst beads tie the hearts together.

    Chrome on Brass Easel Included.

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    See This Ketubah
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