• Rabbinic Conventions

    While all of our Ketubot follow the Halacha strictly, every Rabbi follows slightly different conventions. Every Québec Rabbi has a different spelling of Montreal, for example; and most Orthodox Rabbis leave the leg of the Kof blank to fill it in by hand, while a few don’t.

    We will work closely with your rabbi, in order to ensure that all of his conventions are followed.

    Here are, for example, some of the details that we ensure are correct for the text:

    • Status of the bride (First Marriage, Converted, Divorced or Widowed)
    • Status of the Fathers (Alive or Deceased)
    • Should you include or exclude the mothers’ names in the text
    • Do you have and should you include the Hebrew family names
    • Should the Regel of the Kof be present or not?
    • How much definition and spacing is accepted for the text area

    We want to be sure that your rabbi gives the 100% approval of your Ketubah — if there is any other requirements or elements your rabbi would like to change, just let us know. We are open to any changes to ensure your Ketubah fulfills all the requirements of your Rabbi.