• Conservative Aramaic Text

    If you belong to a Conservative temple, synagogue, or congregation your Rabbi will refer you to a Conservative Text with Lieberman Clause. Orthodox Ketubot uses the same Conservative Text endorsed by Rabbincal Assembly, the international association of Conservative rabbis.

    All of our Ketubot can accommodate the additional text of the Lieberman Clause, or any other text a couple wishes.  We want to make your dream Traditional Ketubah come to life, from design to everything in between. If you’re a Conservative couple not sure what text to use, we’re more than happy to work with you on finding the perfect words for your Traditional Ketubah.

    Conservative Text with Lieberman Clause


    We’re more than happy to Mix-and-Match the text with any English option you prefer. Share this text with your Rabbi to be certain that everything is Kosher. If your Rabbi would prefer a different text or you have any questions Click HERE to Contact Us.