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The Shiraz Ketubah

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Size: 16 x 24
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The Jews of Persia date back to Biblical times, the Babylonian Captivity, as well the annals of Greek history which verify much of our Biblical history. Our relationship with the gentile Persians has been complicated and difficult for as long as our Jewish memory goes back.

But the Jews of Persia have long adopted Iranian visual customs and styles, from the domes to the Isfahani look — and the bright colors and flowery flourishing. The Shiraz Ketubah is a recreation of the traditional Persian Jewish aesthetic elements and is the perfect Ketubah for the couple wanting to remember and respect our Persian heritage.

All Historical Ketubot are printed on traditional Heavyweight Giclée Paper. Printed using archival and fade resistant ink. The Historical Ketubot are the traditional Ketubot of the Jewish diaspora.

The Ketubah Artist creates, numbers, and sends you the Ketubah himself. All of our artists are members of the Artist Direct program.
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