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The Matzo Matzo Ketubah

Artist: TINAK
Material: Giclée (See All Material Options)
Text: See All Text Options
Size: 16” x 24” (other sizes available)
Price: $290.00 Guarantee: Full Refund Guarantee

When Andy Warhol showcased his famous “32 Campbell Cans”, it wasn’t met with the recognition it receives now, in fact quite the opposite. Many of his critics felt it was commercialist at best, and went against the ever popular fine-art, abstract style of the time. Warhol’s style took art back to a different foundation of basics, paving the way for a whole new style and world of art. It was this daring style of art combined with a popular cultural icon that inspired our awesome new Matzo Matzo Ketubah!

The Matzo Matzo Ketubah utilizes the style of pop art with a classic Jewish Matzo Ball soup can! With a basic color palette, the blue and pink soup cans make the Ketubah really pop, and add a cute romantic element to it. This fun work of art blends modern style with vintage flair — perfect for the couple that wants something fun, but also romantic!

When it comes to an Interfaith Ketubah, you want to have the perfect design the beautifully blends not just your beliefs and interests, but your unique love and bond as well. This design will reflect your unique style, the dynamics and beauty of both of your beliefs, and the depth of your love!

The Ketubah Artist creates, numbers, and sends you the Ketubah himself. All of our artists are members of the Artist Direct program.
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