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The Ljubljana Ketubah

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Size: 16 x 24
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The Jews of Slovenia have the unique honor of being at the crossroads between the ancient Jews and the medieval then modern Jews. Jews lived in Slovenia in ancient Roman times, and then, in the 6th century of the common era, Jews starting moving to Ljubljana and then Piran and the surrounding towns, where they were the region’s money-lenders. Over time, many of the Jews went on to Poland, Germany and the heart of Europe, but a small community has constantly remained in Ljubljana and Slovenia.
The ancient Ketubot of Ljubljana often included lions, stars, and an ornamental border. The Ljubljana Ketubah is perfect for the couple whose family lives on the crossroads between the old and the new, between the traditional and the modern, between Israel and Europe.

All Historical Ketubot are printed on traditional Heavyweight Giclée Paper. Printed using archival and fade resistant ink. The Historical Ketubot are the traditional Ketubot of the Jewish diaspora.

The Ketubah Artist creates, numbers, and sends you the Ketubah himself. All of our artists are members of the Artist Direct program.
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