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Shalom Mandala Ketubah

Artist: Nava Shoham
Material: Giclée (See All Material Options)
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Size: 20" x 24" (Giclee)
Price: $200.00 Guarantee: Best Price & Price Matching Guarantee

Shalom Mandala Ketubah – The beauty of life radiates both in the heavens and earth. The unity of body, soul and spirit can be found in the center of our universe. The theme of peace and completion, can be found within this art work through the centrality of the word shalom.

Shalom comes from within ones soul and in partnership with a loved one. From the wordSHELL=OURS, we, as individuals compliment each other as one and thus we are with the peace and love of SHALOM. The beautiful background of doves, flowers and vines comes alive both on earth and in the heavens.

Blue Bird Ketubah – A colorful kaleidoscope incorporates miniatures of Jewish and universal symbols. The verse that surround the upper part of the ketubah in Hebrew: “I Shall raise Jerusalem before my joy” and on the sides center hidden in the design you can spy for:
(On the right side) “B’simna Tava uB’mazla Ma’alya “(Aramaic) Hebrew meaning: B’siman Tov uB’mazal Tov.
On the left side of the ketubah blends in the ornaments the verse:
“In times of Love Gail, Happiness and joy
“The “Blue Bird” ketubah was inspired by Oriental cultures, Turkish, Pakistanis and the Far east. All the different elements, designs, motifs surround the Pagoda shaped ketubah which bursts with water. The water reflects the strong powerful Love: ” Vast amounts of water cannot extinguish My Love and rivers cannot flood it…” (Song of songs.)

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