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Renascentia Ketubah

Artist: Nava Shoham
Material: Giclée (See All Material Options)
Text: See All Text Options
Size: 20" x 26.5"
Price: $200.00 Guarantee: Best Price & Price Matching Guarantee

RENASCENTIA (Rebirth, New World)

Renascentia symbolizes the creation of a new world. To the east there are symbols of moon phases, the sky and birds. To the west there are symbols of wind, water and sea creatures. To the south we see images that grow out of the tree of life, images of the hand of creativity, symbols of music/harp, male and female and the eye of wisdom, clarity of mind, imagination, dreams, the gate for all cosmic energy. To the north we see image of new life, a new star and a beginning that shines with strength and energy throught out.

Please note: If you purchase this ketubah with personalization, your information will be filled in via computer-print rather than hand-calligraphy. Hand-calligraphy is not available with this ketubah.

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