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One Ketubah

Artist: Nava Shoham
Material: Giclée (See All Material Options)
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Size: 14" x 27" (Giclee)
Price: $200.00 Guarantee: Best Price & Price Matching Guarantee

originally painted on oak

Life is a combination of four eternal elements, the roots of all.
Earth, water, air and fire
creating one cosmos

Two souls evolving from nature and its unifying energy source
the Tree of life.
Providing energy, and nourishing from within.
A spiritual connection between earth and heaven.

The tree of life
expands to create cellular life on earth,
its branches intertwined by the DNA, the blueprint of life.

The tree of life
is a source and a symbol
to many different religious traditions,
all believe that there are higher levels of evolution and consciousness
that can be attained by moving up the tree.

Please note: If you purchase this ketubah with personalization, your information will be filled in via computer-print rather than hand-calligraphy. Hand-calligraphy is not available with this ketubah.

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