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Eden – The Stone of Timna Ketubah

Artist: Nava Shoham
Material: Giclée (See All Material Options)
Text: See All Text Options
Size: 20" x 24"
Price: $200.00 Guarantee: Best Price & Price Matching Guarantee

A tranquil scene of love, nature's fruits and the clay of the earth.

Inspired by Timna, an ancient exotic site and a home to Solomon's Pillars in the south of Israel, where red and white sandstone embodies the fresh and classic scenery.

Eden is a story of beauty, adventure, and the peace that you find in your partner's arms.

Please note: If you purchase this ketubah with personalization, your information will be filled in via computer-print rather than hand-calligraphy. Hand-calligraphy is not available with this ketubah.

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